In our English lessons, I will give you lots of time to practice speaking and to gain confidence in your spoken English.  In the course of our conversation, I can provide gentle corrections and suggestions of different ways (often very "native" ways) that you can say things.   You will find me to be friendly and cheerful.  I would love to be your online English teacher and you can find out more about me here.

I enjoy helping students to prepare for important interviews in English.  We can role play these, which means that I will pretend to be the person interviewing you.  If you are taking an English test such as IELTS or one of the Cambridge exams than I will work with you to create a full plan to make sure that you are in great shape to do very well in your test.  If you would like homework, then I would be very happy to give you some... just ask me.

We can use a wide range of materials in your lessons including articles from the internet, videos, books and even songs and poems, if you want.

I am available to give lessons on weekday evenings (UK time) and at weekends (possible all day).  Some early morning lessons (6.30am UK time) may also be possible - please contact me for details.  My lessons are usually given over Skype and they cost £14 per hour at the moment.

Perhaps you've been thinking of taking classes at a language school?  Not a good idea, in my blog I show you why.

For Skype English lessons you will need to either pay via paypal here  or pay by direct bank transfer (contact me for my bank details).  Some discounts may be possible for block bookings of 5 or 10 lessons - please contact me to discuss these.

On occasion, by special arrangement it might be possible to provide some face-to-face lessons too, especially if you live near Carshalton (Zone 5 South).  Please contact me if you are interested in these, in order to get my prices.

If you look on my Facebook page, then you can see what other people think about the English lessons that I have taught them.  I have also produced lots of useful 'mini-lessons,'  to help you learn English in the form of posts on the page for you to look at.

London, United Kingdom
+44 7812 750518