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My name is Andrew Goddard.  I am a native English speaker and I live in London, UK.  I am an English tutor that is qualified to teach English lessons to non-native speakers and I have worked with people of all ages - and from all around the world.  I can also speak some foreign languages - for example Portuguese and French.  Because I am learning foreign languages myself, then I know about things that can really help you to learn.  And I can also understand some of the problems that you have with learning.  

If you'd like me to help you by providing English lessons via Skype or other online platform, then please contact me here.  When you contact me, please give me some information about you.  For example, why do you want to improve your English, and when would you be available for lessons?  Are you wondering what my lessons are like?  You can find out what other people think about my English lessons by looking at my Facebook reviews.   

My online English lessons can help you in lots of different ways.  The ways listed below are just examples.  If you require help with something else, then please ask me.

1) Speak fluently.

2) Practice for job interviews in English - which will give you an advantage over other candidates.

3) Prepare for tests, such as IELTS, which you may need to pass to prove to an employer that your English is good.

4) Write accurate written documents to help you get a job - for example your CV and your covering letter.

5) Learn the English that is needed to do business in this country.

6) Learn the type of English (academic) which you will need if you want to study in England or any other English speaking country.

I have created a page on this website that offers help with learning English.  I will update this page with more information in the future - so check back regularly.  If you are learning English, then you might also like my How to learn English blog.

You can also find me on one or two other websites, such as this great one

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